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Feriel's Braised Tenderised Steak

By: | October 20, 2017 | Tags: | 2 comments

Braised Tenderised Steak
Soft, tender, juicy and delicious
1kg Tenderised steak
Robertson steak and chop spice
Robertson Braai Mix spice and Peri Peri
mix all well together.
Fry steak on both side in oil and close with lid
Add more water if needed.
Cook until soft and succulent.
Add 2 sliced red onions and Worcheshire sauce.
Cook further until onions thickens the sauce.
Do the same as above with lamb spare ribs
Roast in the oven with little olive oil with Robertson aromatic potato spice for butternut and sweet potato.
For mushroom and baby marrow:
Stir fry in little butter with ½ teaspoon crushed garlic, grounded black pepper and salt to taste
Prepared, tried and tested by Feriel Sonday
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