Feriel’s Jelly Ring

Jelly Ring

A colorful and lovely jelly dessert which looks great on the table

1 packet blackcurrant jelly
1 packet greengage jelly
1  packet lemon jelly
1 tin chilled Ideal milk

Dissolve black currant and greengage jellies alternately with 225 ml boiling water.
Add 225 ml cold water and stir.
Pour the jellies into 2 separate dishes and set in fridge till set
Wen set, take the lemon jelly & dissolve to 250ml boil water.
Set lemon jelly aside to cool a bit (do not set in fridge)
Remove the blackcurrant & greengage jelly from fridge and cut up in 1cm squares.
Place squares in Tupperware jelly ring mold.
Mix the chilled ideal milk with lemon jelly & pour mixture over greengage and blackcurrant squares in the mold and set in the fridge.

When set you can turn it out onto cake stand & fill the center with cut fruit, kiwi & strawberries and pour custard over the ring.

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday 

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