Feriel's Peppermint Pudding

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• Peppermint Pudding •
Peppermint Pudding is a South African favorite!
Ingredients and Method:
Heat 10 ml halaal gelatine in 1/4 cup water in the microwave.
Stir until all gelatine is dissolved or heat a little extra. Set aside to cool off.
Whip 1 tin caramel treat until smooth.
Whip 250 ml fresh cream until stiff and add the smooth caramel.
Add cool off gelatine and mix well.
Add ½ packet biscuits and crush to small pieces.
Add crushed peppermint crisp chocolate as well.
Stir all well together.
Spoon in silicone cupcakes or in a square pyrex dish and add crushed peppermint on top before serving.
Refrigerate until set
Yummy Yum🍪🍜
Prepared, tried and tested by Feriel Sonday
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