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41 Cookie Recipes to Fill Your Tins for the Christmas Festive Season

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Get ready for the holiday season and Fill Your Tins for the Christmas Festive Season with our selection of 41 delicious cookie recipes!  

These delectable treats are perfect for filling your Christmas Festive Cookie tins. From no sugar, vegan, gluten-free to creative Christmas cookie sticks, we have something for everyone. Click the respective links below to find your new favorite holiday treat!

Bake the magic of Christmas into every bite with our 41 festive cookie recipes

As the air turns crisp and the scent of cinnamon dances through the kitchen, it can only mean one thing – the holiday season is upon us! The most wonderful time of the year brings with it an irresistible array of flavors and aromas, and at the heart of it, all are the delightful cookies that have been a cherished tradition for generations. In this jubilant celebration of culinary creativity and togetherness, we raise our spatulas to honor the unsung heroes of our kitchens: the food bloggers who sprinkle a dash of magic into our festive feasts.

With flour-dusted hands and hearts full of gratitude, we embark on a delicious journey to thank these incredible food bloggers who have generously shared their treasured recipes, making our holiday preparations even more enjoyable. Their culinary expertise and willingness to open their recipe boxes have gifted us not just ingredients and instructions, but a sense of connection and community that transcends time zones and traditions.

In the spirit of giving, our blog post tips its chef’s hat to these culinary masters while also guiding you on a scrumptious adventure to assemble the most dazzling assortment of cookies. Picture this: beautifully decorated sugar cookies that shimmer like winter’s first frost, melt-in-your-mouth gingerbread that carries whispers of holiday spices, and delicate snowball cookies that vanish like a snowflake on a warm palm. These treats, carefully curated and baked with love, are bound to earn you the title of the season’s ultimate star.

Fill your heart with joy and your tins with these 41 tantalizing Christmas cookie recipes
Fill your heart with joy and your tins with these 41 tantalizing Christmas cookie recipes

So, preheat those ovens, gather your mixing bowls, and let’s dive into a world where butter and sugar become enchanting spells, and where the clinking of cookie cutters is a symphony of joy. Join us as we blend the artistry of food bloggers’ recipes with our creativity and learn how to fill your cookie tins with an assortment that will leave guests reaching for seconds and hearts brimming with holiday cheer.

Get ready to bake, share, and indulge, as we uncover the secrets to becoming the true star of this festive season through the simple, heartwarming act of baking cookies.

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It's the perfect opportunity to swap stories, showcase your delicious creations, and connect with fellow foodies. Let's sprinkle a little extra sugar and spice into our lives every week at SSPS.  Your Christmas Festive Season Cookies as well as all your other recipes are what make this community so special. 

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41 ways to sprinkle some extra magic into your festive season! Discover our Christmas cookie recipes now
41 ways to sprinkle some extra magic into your festive season! Discover our Christmas cookie recipes now

All recipes and images used with permission from the respective contributor via Blogger Round Up Requests

Stained Glass Cookies: With a candy “glass” window cut into a buttery sugar cookie, Stained Glass Cookies are tasty, impressive, and perfect for the holidays.

Haystack Cookies with Peanut Butter: Haystack no-bake cookies are a delicious and easy-to-make Christmas treat.

Haystack Cookies with Peanut Butter

Cake Mix Christmas Monster Cookies Recipe: These festive cookies are the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer. They’re made with a simple cake mix dough, but they’re loaded with red and green colors.

Cake Mix Christmas Monster Cookies Recipe

Pepperkraker (Norwegian Gingerbread Cookies): Spicy and subtly sweet, these traditional Norwegian gingerbread cookies known as pepperkaker are sure to bring joy to your kitchen this holiday season.

Lemon Raspberry Cookies: These Raspberry Cookies offer a soft, fluffy, and buttery experience, infused with the delightful blend of fresh lemon and raspberry flavors. Their quick and easy preparation makes them a crowd-pleaser, ensuring that they’re a hit with everyone who tries them! 

Lemon Raspberry Cookies

Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies: If you’re looking for the perfect gluten-free Christmas cookies, look no further! These Christmas sprinkle cookies are chewy with crisp edges, with flavors of vanilla and peppermint.

Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies: These easy cake mix cookies combine sweet morsels of white chocolate with tangy bursts of cranberry. They’re super simple and ready to go in 20 minutes!

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Christmas Sandwich Cookies: These Christmas Sandwich Cookies are colorful with the fluffiest buttercream frosting sandwiched between two soft and chewy cookies loaded with chocolate chips, M&M’s, and sprinkles.

Christmas Sandwich Cookies

Shortbread Linzer Cookies with Raspberry Filling: Linzer cookies are a classic holiday cookie. They’re made with raspberry jam sandwiched between two almond shortbread cookies and then dusted with powdered sugar. Perfect for your cookie tray!

Shortbread Linzer Cookies with Raspberry Filling

Santa Cookies and milk: Children all over the world leave Santa Cookies and milk or other festive foods on Christmas Eve. Your kids will love to write their wish lists on these festive sugar cookies, and there is even a place for the straw! When Santa Claus comes to town, he will HO HO HO when he sees the lists and knows who is naughty or nice. 

Santa Cookies and milk

Soft and Chewy Gingerbread Cookies: Looking for the perfect holiday cookie that is super easy to make? These gingerbread cookies pack a spicy gingerbread flavor with a delicious sweetness from brown sugar and molasses. You won’t be able to stop eating them!


Hot Chocolate Cookies: These are by far the best Christmas Cookies EVER. Hot Chocolate Cookies taste like everything you love about the holiday season baked into the best chocolate chip cookies. If I could recommend one cookie to anyone, it would be these. 

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies with Icing and Sprinkles: These thumbprint cookies are filled with creamy vanilla icing and topped with the best part of any Christmas cookie: sprinkles! They’re so festive and delicious! 

Thumbprint Cookies with Icing and Sprinkles

Cherry Christmas Cookies: These Cherry Christmas Cookies are a cherished family tradition that will surely be a highlight of your holiday cookie collection. 

Cherry Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookie Sticks Recipe: This easy Christmas cookie sticks call for basic ingredients that probably already have most of them in your pantry. This simple Christmas cookie recipe is perfect for cookie exchange parties or to give as gifts. 

Christmas Cookie Sticks Recipe

Molasses Cookies {Moravian Cookies}: Moravian molasses cookies are a delicious Czech treat popular during the holidays

Molasses Cookies {Moravian Cookies}:

Easy Matcha Cookies: These delicious and easy Matcha Cookies are a soft but crisp 4-ingredient shortbread. The beautiful green color is perfect for Christmas. (Budget-friendly option included as matcha is expensive.) 

Easy Matcha Cookies

5 Ingredient Nutella Candy Cane Cookies: These 5 ingredient Nutella candy cane cookies are perfect for Christmas. They’re super easy to make and are the perfect chocolatey sweet treat to make and enjoy this holiday season

5 Ingredient Nutella Candy Cane Cookies

Gingerbread cookies: Made with molasses and brown sugar, these soft gingerbread cookies are an ultimate Christmas sweet treat recipe that’s both delicious and fun to make with the family. These cookies are perfectly flavored with ground ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies with Rum Buttercream: The ultimate gingerbread cookie sandwiches packed with a boozy rum buttercream! Super fun and festive! 

Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies with Rum Buttercream

Scottish Snowballs (Raspberry Jam Sandwich Cookies Dipped in Coconut): Fun and festive snowball cookies are perfect for Christmas cookie swaps, sending in care packages, or simply enjoying anytime with a cup of tea or milk! 

Scottish Snowballs (Raspberry Jam Sandwich Cookies Dipped in Coconut)

Vegan Vanillekipferl Recipe with only 5 ingredients: Change up your cookie jar with these delicious crescent-shaped Christmas cookies. Vanillekipferl originally come from Austria, hence the German name, but they are very popular in multiple European countries

Vegan Vanillekipferl Recipe with only 5 ingredients

Hallongrottor – Swedish Thumbprint Cookies: Hallongrottor is buttery, melt-in-the-mouth Swedish thumbprint cookies. The name very aptly means ‘Raspberry cave’ in Swedish, referring to the signature thumbprint indentation filled with raspberry jam in the center of the cookie.

Hallongrottor - Swedish Thumbprint Cookies

Christmas Cookies with My Children: Get into the festive spirit with these Easy Christmas Cookies! Simple to make and perfect for holiday baking, these delightful treats are a hit with kids and adults alike.

Christmas Cookies with My Children

Mini Gingerbread Men Cookies: Mini Gingerbread Men Cookies are a fantastic way to have fun in the kitchen with the kids! They are made with the usual set of spices and an extra orange touch

Mini Gingerbread Men Cookies

Gingerbread NYC Cookies (The Best): NYC-style giant gingerbread cookies that are moist, soft, and incredibly tasty. This is the perfect Christmas cookie that’s filled with white chocolate chips and flavored with gingerbread spices. This recipe is so easy to make and takes just 15 minutes in the oven.

Gingerbread NYC Cookies (The Best)

No Spread Sugar Cookies: These no spread sugar cookies are thick, soft and so chewy! They are the perfect cut-out cookies for decorating and hold their shape beautifully. They’re made in one bowl and use simple pantry ingredients.

No Spread Sugar Cookies

Austrian Linzer Cookies Recipe: Linzer cookies are 2 sandwiched melt-in-the-mouth cookies filled with jam.

Austrian Linzer Cookies Recipe

Vegan Shortbread Cookies Dipped in Chocolate: These buttery vegan shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with peppermint are simply perfection in every bite! They’re perfect for the holidays, or an anytime treat!

Vegan Shortbread Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

Linzer Cookies: Linzer cookies are a classic holiday season staple and deserve to be in every cookie swap! If you’ve never had a Linzer before, they have a hint of cinnamon, butter, almond, and citrus flavor all wrapped into one. The colorful jam in the middle and dusting of confectioners’ sugar really sets them over the top!

Linzer Cookies

Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies: These easy brown sugar shortbread cookies are buttery and crisp with a crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Using a cookie stamp of your choice, they make for a delicious and beautiful Christmas cookie! 

Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies

Macaroon Kiss Cookies: Macaroon Kiss Cookies combine flaky sweetened coconut flakes and cream cheese for a chewy cookie everyone will enjoy! 

Macaroon Kiss Cookies

Sorghum Cookies: These spicy and warm sorghum cookies are flavored with ginger, cinnamon, and sorghum (a syrup that is very similar to molasses) and are the perfect cozy, chewy, and spicy cookie for when the weather gets chilly!

Sorghum Cookies

Christmas Shortbread Cookies: Christmas Shortbread Cookies are buttery and spiced with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Cut them into festive shapes for the holidays, then make and enjoy this shortbread cookie recipe all year long.

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

Christmas Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting: These delicious but easy Christmas sour cream sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting are the perfect Christmas sugar cookie recipe! They are perfect for cutting into festive shapes with cookie cutters, and the frosting is easily dyed red and green.

Christmas Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Florentine cookies: Florentine cookies are delicate, delicious, and very beautiful, they are perfect for when you want to eat something sweet or to give away, and they are also very simple to make.

Florentine cookies

Easy Gluten-Free Gingersnaps with Almond Flour: Soft and sweet, these almond flour cookies use healthy baking swaps like vegan molasses, coconut sugar, and coconut oil to make the tastiest gluten-free gingersnaps! Simply combine the ingredients, chill the dough, and bake! Easy, delicious, and perfect for the holiday season.

Easy Gluten-Free Gingersnaps with Almond Flour

Chewy orange almond butter oatmeal cookies: Chewy orange almond butter oatmeal cookies are naturally sweetened with maple syrup, use gluten-free oats, and are the best thing! The hint of orange pairs perfectly with the natural almond butter and slivered almonds – yum!

Chewy orange almond butter oatmeal cookies

Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies: My easy recipe for healthier Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies has all the cozy warmth you expect from this holiday classic but adds a sneaky dose of fiber. Make a batch of my gingery whole wheat molasses crinkle cookies for your cookie exchange this winter — nobody will be the wiser! 

Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies

Classic Butter Balls: A Christmas Classic! These Butter Balls, also known as Russian Tea Cakes, are so easy, but so delicious and perfect little snowball bites of Christmas!

Classic Butter Balls

Vegan White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (Gluten-Free, Allergy-Free): The perfect holiday cookie recipe that tastes just like Christmas! These Vegan White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies are gluten-free, allergy-free, and full of dairy-free white chocolate chips and crushed peppermint candies! Easy and delicious, they’re a fun addition to your seasonal cookie swap and dessert platters!

Vegan White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (Gluten-Free, Allergy-Free)

Bake the magic of Christmas into every bite with our 41 festive cookie recipes
Bake the magic of Christmas into every bite with our 41 festive cookie recipes

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