Gail's Oxtail Stew

TRH Gail's Oxtail Stew
Who doesn’t love a good hearty stew? Tonight, supper was lush  Enjoy!
1.3 kg oxtail browned in
2 tbsp olive oil in pressure cooker pot.
Brown for 12 mins, turning regularly,
add 1 large chopped onion,
2 sticks chopped celery with leaves, brown further until onion tender.
Add 1 glass dry red wine,
50 g tomato purée,
salt to taste,
white pepper,
1½ tsp garlic flakes,
2 tsp dried thyme,
2 tsp dried rosemary,
2 tsp paprika,
2 bay leaves.
Simmer for 3 mins then add 2 cups beef stock.
Place lid on cooker & bring to boil turn down to medium heat and cook for 45 mins (this oxtail was small, if using bigger oxtail cook for longer)
Open cooker and add carrots, quartered potatoes and 1 cup frozen peas.
Close up and cook a further 15 mins.
Thicken gravy with 3 tsp cornflour made into a paste, stir until gravy thickens.
Serve with rice or mash potato.
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Gail Haselsteiner

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