Gail's Pea and Ham Soup

TRH Gail's Pea & Ham Soup
It’s raining here tonight and quite chilly. So homemade pea & ham soup it was. Yummy
2 cups split peas washed I did not soak
1 smoked ham hock can be replaced with beef shin and marrow bones
3 leeks chopped
Handful of soup celery chopped ( with leaves )
Handful chopped parsley
1 onion sliced
4 carrots whole
1 potato whole
6 to 8 cups both chicken and veg stock mixed with Ina Paarmans stock powders or any other suitable stock pot/powders
5 whole spice balls
4 whole cloves
Salt and black pepper to taste.
Simmer soup on low for 2 – 2 1/2 hours stirring occasionally.
Blitz soup with a stick blender when cooked.
Pull ham hock to serve
Prepared, tried and tested by: Gail Haselsteiner

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