Gail's Valentine Desserts

Chocolate Mousse
100 gram Marshmallows
100 gram Cadbury chocolate
½ cup milk
2 tblsp butter
250 ml fresh cream (whipped)
Heat marshmallows, milk, chocolate and butter on low heat stirring all the time until combined
When done if you find lumps then strain and leave to cool.
Fold in fresh cream, leave to set in fridge and pipe into dessert cups, decorate as desired and serve chilled.
Credit : Feriel Sonday
Prepared by Gail Haseleiner
Mango Sorbet
4 Mangoes
Half cup water
Half cup honey
Chop mangoes in cubes and freeze overnight
Place mangoes in blender with water and honey and blend until smooth.
Place mixture in an empty 1.5 litre ice cream container and place back to the freezer.
Frozen after 5 hours.
Recipe Credit : Aveshnee Govender
Lemon Sorbet
1 large lemon zested on a grater.
2 Cups tap water,
1 cup white sugar.
Add these 3 ingredients into a saucepan and bring to boil.
Once boiled reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 5 mins.
It will make the syrup.
Remove from heat and cool.
Once cooled add syrup to a bowl,
add 1 cup lemon juice and
1 cup carbonated water.
I used Aquelle sparkling water, stir well and place in an empty 1.5 lt ice cream container. Freeze for 1 1/2 hours.
Remove from freezer and stir with a hand whisk.
Place back in freezer and repeat the whisking every hour for the next 4 hours until ready to serve.
It tastes just like the store bought lemon sorbet.
Unknown source from Internet
Peppermint Dreams (makes 25 treats)
3 cups icing sugar
150 ml condensed milk
Few drops peppermint essence
Few drops of green food colouring (use a toothpick) make as dark as you desire the colour to be.
Sift icing sugar add other ingredients and mix to combine.
Mixture should be smooth & firm.
Roll mixture into small balls using hands.
Place on a tray lined with parchment paper.
Slightly flatten balls with a fork.
Place in freezer for 2 hours to harden.
Dip each peppermint disk half way in melted chocolate.
Return to freezer for chocolate to set.
Recipe adapted from: Resepte Soet Happies
All the above, prepared, tried & tested by: Gail Haselsteiner

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