Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares

Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares.  Are you looking for that easy gluten-free breakfast bar? I used a number of existing recipes, adapted them to my liking and voila, an easy and chewy square was born.

Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares Ingredients


Dry Ingredients

60 ml coconut flour
60 ml golden flaxseed flour
15 ml psyllium husk
60 ml golden flax seeds

20 ml baking powder
5 ml baking soda
62.5 ml Stevia (any other sugar substitute will also work)
1 ml of salt

125 ml unsweetened shredded coconut

Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares Dough

Wet ingredients for these Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares

4 eggs
125ml Soy Milk

Fruit and Nut Ingredients
75 g dried cherries
62.5 ml mixed fruit mix
85 g pecan nuts

Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares


In a medium-size bowl, mix all the dry ingredients till all well combined
In a separate bowl, mix the wet ingredients till frothy! Use a hand whisk or a stick blender to speed up the process.
You can scoop the mixture into a muffin tin or a single pan with a square cutter (see image)
Decorate the squares with Sesame seeds, pepita seeds (pumpkin seeds) or almond slivers, or any other topping of your choice.
Bake at 375F for ±20-25 minutes until done and the top has a nice color, or when a cake tester comes out clean.
Let it cool down in the tin, and gently remove!
This is super delicious with a steaming cup of coffee or a mid-day snack at work.

Gluten-free Fruity Flax Squares


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