Green Beans and Pea Curry

Green Beans and Pea Curry
A really super simple Green Bean Meal 

1 onion, finely chopped.
Cut up green beans.
1 tsp red chili powder.
¼ tsp turmeric powder.
Salt to taste.
1 tomato, grated.
A few curry leaves.
½ cup frozen peas.

Heat some oil in a pot over a medium heat.
Add the curry leaves, onions and saute till transparent.
Add the salt, spices grated tomato.
Stir and allow to simmer on a low heat.
Add a little water and allow the chutney to cook.
Add the cut up green beans and a little more water.
Cover and cook till the green beans are soft, you might need to add a little more water to prevent the food from sticking.
Add the frozen peas, cover again and remove from the heat.
Before serving, give the curry a good mix so that the peas are evening mixed.

Prepared, tried and tested Bobby Swanson

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