Hannah's Boulkas or Cinnamon Buns

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Just in time for  Rosh Hashanah
3 cups flour (recipe calls for 2 but definitely need more)
1 Tbls sugar
125g butter
Pinch salt
3 tsps Baking Powder
1 egg lightly beaten in full cup of milk or cream (I used 2% milk)
Preheat oven to 200C
Sift dry ingredients in large bowl and set aside.
Lightly beat egg in milk in another bowl.
Grate butter or rub in till very fine and crumbly.
Add egg mixture to this proceed to make a dough.
Take out of bowl onto a flowered table and knead lightly. Roll into a rectangle.
Spread all over with melted butter (extra), reserving some for brushing over after. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and sugar and raisins if desired.
Start carefully rolling forwards onto a long roll.
Cut evenly approximately 4cm slices.
Pinch at the bottom of each and place carefully onto your very well sprayed muffin pan. Brush well with melted butter.
Bake for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on your oven.
PS: They freeze beautifully so make dozens and freeze and it’s quick to thaw and already there for unexpected guests.
Also alternatives: Spread with Nutella (a reasonable thickish layer) or with pie apples with the cinnamon and sugar. All are delicious
Enjoy and Shanah Tovah U’metukah
Recipe credit: Myrna Rosin
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Dee Harris:  Thanks to Hannah, I was motivated to try something new.

One needs to be in a joyful frame of mind in order to bake…today was a good day!
So, here is my version. Mine appear to be much paler than Hannah’s, possibility due to the fact that my oven is fan forced.
That aside, very tasty and number 44 is enveloped by the tantalizing fragrance of cinnamon.
Right, tea is brewing…just knock.Cinnamon Buns

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