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Hannah's Carrot Juice

By: | January 12, 2017 | Tags: | Leave your comments

All ready for my detox diet tomorrow – and if successful in one day as said, a flat belly🙏😂.
My Carrot Juice – Very easy except you have to have a liquidizer that you know how to work😂
I used for a liter of carrot juice, 4 large carrots washed very well, tips and heads cut off – don’t peel as all the taste and most nutrients are in the skin (I have to admit that I did peel and realized after asking questions, this was not the way to go).
While pulsing, (this was done in the liquidizer of the Kenwood Food Processor), add some crushed ice cubes and water. The added water helps the process.
Pulse well for about a minute – check no lumps and pour into jug.
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Hannah Frank Witt

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