Hannah's Quick and Easy Scones

Hannah's Quick and Easy Scones
These scones were quick and easy to make, plus they’re REALLY tasty!
I packet of pre-scone mix (I use Snowflake)
2 x-large eggs (I only use jumbo eggs)
100ml Sunflower oil
160ml milk + a little extra for light brushing
Preheat oven to 200C and spray your Muffin tin well with Cook & Bake or whatever baking non-stick spray you may have.
Pour premix into a large bowl.
In another dish, lightly beat your eggs, oil and milk, reserving a little for the brushing on top.
Add the above to your premix and make sure it is all properly mixed well together.
Drop large spoonfuls into your muffin tin – I like to fill to the top.
Generally I only get out approximately 9.
All this depends on how big you want your scones.
Brush lightly with milk.
Place in pre-heated oven for 10-15 mins (mine baked for 15 mins).
Turn out onto a cooling rack, make tea, get out your jam, butter and cheese.
Whip up some cream.
Place on cake plate and serve with a beautiful cup of nice Five Roses tea or Earl Grey tea – or any – even a stunning cappuccino or Chai Latte☕️
Enjoy 👍
Prepared, tried and tested by: Hannah Frank Witt‎ 
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