Hannah's Quick and Easy Shawarma

Stir fry diced meat (I get meat called shawarma meat from my Kosher butcher)

Add a bit of oil in a pan and fry till meat is ready
Add in shawarma seasoning spice or any other spice
Let simmer for about 15 mins
I just make a very quick Israeli (Mediterranean) salad of diced very small Israeli tomatoes, cucumber & onion
Can make an egg plant salad
Can also put in cabbage salad and any other salads you may like
Pitta’s are bought. Heat as instructed.
Cut open on top and spread with humus and tehina or tzaziki (if not Kosher).
Fill in layers with meat and salads
Wraps can also be used for the same
Prepared, tried and tested by:Β Hannah Frank Wittβ€Ž

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