Hannah's Roast Raisin Rib

My husbands favorite roast – only on Shabbat (Friday nights) as he had a quad bypass nearly 3 years ago, not a huge fancy meal but yummy.

Approximately 1.5kg Raisin Rib or for that matter, any size.
Here is where I have to stress that Raisin Rib be used as then I am not responsible for different results.
It has been tested on Silverside and Scotch Fillet and was just not as tender but be my guest!
In a big roasting pot/pan, put approximately 2 Tbls oil (olive or Canola) on the bottom
Place meat in and now we do “a bit of this and a bit of that” – just like our moms and grans did:
Sprinkle all over with a good helping of:
Table salt
Mixed herbs
Dried garlic or of you like garlic, use more and fresh crushed – you could also make holes in a few places and put in garlic cloves
Fresh onion or dried onion – I use whatever I have close by – am not too fond of onion but it does give a nice “tum”
About 3 Bay leaves crushed and sprinkled
Dried parsley
And lastly a nice sprinkle of Rosemary
Pour to cover all the meat with more oil (same as you used for the bottom)
Cover and Place in a hot oven at 200C for about 1/2 hour, then turn down your oven to 120C for a further 1¬Ĺ hour (depending on the size of your roast)
I don’t uncover until slicing so just take out, prick to see if tender and cooked to your satisfaction. (As can be seen, mine is more done “well”)
When I take out to slice (I have to use an electric knife) as I prefer very thin slices, you will notice a lot of liquid.
This I use for gravy by just sprinkling instant gravy into it.
Slice and return to pot/pan, coat on gravy, cover again and keep warm in oven till serving.
Sounds a big mission but takes literally 5 minutes to prepare and no need to watch.
Just put your timer onūüĎć
This is by far the easiest of easy
1 packet of butternut cut into cubes (here we get it all ready cut in a bag for the microwave or stove)
I use the microwave – 10 minutes
Place in a corning ware or serving dish
Add approximately 2 tablespoons of Cardin (for non dairy) and a sprinkle of cinnamon
Mash till smooth
Cover and keep in warmer.
I think we all know how but this is how my domestic taught me:
1 cup of rice
Cover with water and about an inch over the rice
Bring to boil till water has evaporated
Drain and run through water till all or most starch is removed
Pour more water – this time I use double the first amount
A dash of salt
A teaspoon of oil (prevents sticking)
Boil till water has evaporated on a low heat!
Enjoy like we all doūüĎć
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Hannah Frank Witt‎

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