Irene's Easy Dhall and Masala Chops

Splatter a tsp each of mustard and jeera seeds in oil.
Add and fry 1 chopped onion,
2 stems curry leaves,
3 dry red chillies,
1 tsp tumeric,
a dash of hing and 5-10 cloves of fresh garlic.
Wash pink / red lentils properly and add to spices.
Cover with water and cook on medium heat, adding water when necessary.
You can add a stock cube if you like. Stir often.
Will be done in +- 30 minutes.
Add a Tbs butter, season, mix and serve.
TIP: Add salt once dhall is cooked as salt lengthens the cooking process of lentils
Masala Chops
Spice 2kg chops of your choice with
2 tsp each of dhania jeera powder,
chilli powder,
steak and chops spice,
ginger and garlic paste,
Robertsons rustic garlic and herb spice and
1 tsp tumeric.
Grill/bake in a preheated oven @ 200 deg C  for +-45 mins or until chops are cooked through and browned to your liking.
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