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Irene's Roasted Duck & Roasted Potatoes

By: | January 29, 2017 | Tags: | 7 comments

TRH Irene's Roasted Duck & Roasted Potatoes.jpg
Rub washed and dried duck inside and out with a dry rub made up of
1 tbs Chinese 5 Spice,
1 tbs Robertsons,
1 tbs herb and garlic spice,
1 tsp tumeric and
1 tbs ginger and garlic paste.
Place cut and washed potatoes in an oven tray.
Season to taste.
Place the rubbed duck on a grill placed over the potatoes and roast at 180 degrees Cel for 30 mins.
Cover duck and tray with foil and roast at 150 deg cel for +- 2hours or until done to your liking.
The potatoes will roast in the duck fat that drips off.
Absolutely delicious. VOILA….Enjoy😘
Perpared, tried and tested by: Irene Dasari

  1. Yum, yum!

  2. Nice work

  3. What’s a Robertsons ?

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