Irene's Tiramisu

TRH Irene's Tiramisu
My husband’s birthday cake was a #Tiramisu because that’s one of his #FavouriteThings. The ones we love deserve the best ❤🎉🎂😘Ingredients and method:
Beat 250ml mascarpone cheese
with 1/2 cup icing sugar,
2 tbs coffee liquor (optional) until well combined
and then fold in 250ml whipped cream.
Dip 32 boudoir biscuits
in a mixture of 1 cup strong, black, cooled coffee,
2 tbs icing sugar &
2 tbs coffee liquor (optional).
Layer 8 biscuits topped with cream mixture 4 times, refrigerate for a minimum of 8 hours.
Dust with Cocoa before serving. Enjoy.❤
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Irene Dasari

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