Jameela's Tiramisu Ice Cream

TRH Jameela's Tiramisu Ice Cream
500 ml fresh cream
1 tub condense milk
1/2 tin mascarpone cheese
1 tbls coffee mixed in
2 tbls warm water
1/2 cup milk
1 tbls coffee
2 tbls warm water
Mix all ingredients together
1 packet boudoir biscuits
Whip fresh cream until stiff.
Add condensed milk, mascarpone cheese and the coffee mixture to the fresh cream and mix well. (Do not over beat)
Prepare a square baking pan by lining with foil.
Layer with half of the fresh cream mixture at the bottom.
Dip biscuits in milk mixture and place over fresh cream mixture.
Lastly use remaining half fresh cream mixture to cover biscuits.
Freeze overnight.
Turn over and dust coffee over the top before serving. (cut into squares)
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Jameela Sayed