Make Yogi Jelly Pots for children of all ages

Make Yogi Jelly Pots for children of all ages

The “garnish”, colorful choc sunflower seeds

How to make Yogi Jelly Pots for children of all ages

1 pack favored jelly
300ml full cream yogurt.

Dissolve the (any flavor) jelly powder in 150 ml boiling water.
Stir until it has completely dissolved.
Allow it to cool for a few minutes
Whisk the yogurt into the mixture until it is smooth and well blended.
Place into small and pretty individual dishes or if you like into one large container.
Allow it to set by leaving it in the refrigerator.
Decant and decorate and serve out of the small container to the kiddos

To be enjoyed by children of all ages 🤣

Dee Harris created, prepared tried and tested these Yogi Jelly Pots, for children of all ages – Enjoy 

Jelly and more jelly recipes to be found on the blog

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