Masala Pan-Fried Snoek

Masala Pan-Fried Snoek – This is a must-try for all fish lovers!

Thyrsites atun, the snoek, is a long, thin species of snake mackerel found in the seas of the Southern Hemisphere.


Masala Pan-Fried Snoek


Masala Pan-Fried Snoek

Mix Gorimas seafood/fish masala and leaf masala with oil to a paste.
Add salt to Snoek and rub with the masala paste.
Shallow fry in griddle pan till done.

Add potato wedges in the same pan.
Now add salt to taste and water and cook until soft.


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Spicy Savoury Rice

Spicy Savoury Rice


1 cup Azzahra creamy Sella rice or rice of your choice.
A handful of frozen McCain mixed vegetables
½ tsp Suhana mild chili powder
1 tsp methi masala (Atchar pickle masala)
½ green pepper
½ chopped tomato
Avocado oil and butter
1 small chopped onion
A few strands saffron




Cook rice with mixed veggies in salted water.
Add a few strands saffron.
Drain and set aside.

Braise onion in oil and butter and then add the chopped peppers and tomato.
Add chili powder, methi masala & salt to taste.
Add butter in a saucepot and mix onion mixture with rice and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

Serve with masala fish and salads enjoy!

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Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday

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