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May 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – “D”

Please Spread the love, Sharing is Caring!

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Can you believe it, this will be our 6th Share and Inspire Others! Monthly Recipe Exchange Event.  Wow, I am suitably impressed and its hard to believe that we have come this far with this fantastic recipe exchange and I would like to take this opportunity to thank one and all for your participation, support and wonderful recipes, as without that this will not be possible.thank-you

I present you with the awesome submissions received for the
May 2017 Share and Inspire Others! – “D”

All participants, have time from now up untill midnight May 20th, to Promote and do a Press this/ share a link / or reblog on your own blog, by creating a link back to this post with a pingback.  “Sharing is Caring”  Thank you! 
Posted in order of emails received:
Dates and Nuts Desserts courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
Duality inspired by two beautiful people, or, to be more precise, two beautiful ladies who’ve never met, caused the appearance of this dessert on my Shavuos table.
TRH Dates and Nuts Desserts
No Bake No Dairy Cheesecake Choco-berry courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
This is the easiest, quickest, healthiest, and most delicious cheesecake I’ve ever had! And it’s not even a cheesecake; it only pretends to be one. It plays its role very well – if you don’t know, you can’t tell! Ooops, I didn’t mean to rhyme, it sort of happened.TRH No Bake No Dairy Cheesecake Choco-berry
Brownie on a Date courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
This cool brownie is on a sweet date. It’s so totally cool; it has spurned the heat of being baked but had a hot desire to be refrigerated instead. The date is delightfully sweet, as is proper for medjool dates, otherwise known as Judean dates.
TRH Brownie on a Date
Dracula and Klyotzki Dumplings courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
Count Dracula really existed. He was born in Transylvania in fifteenth century and ruled the province called Wallachia. His name was Vlad III, and his last name was Dracul, which means Dragon in Romanian.TRH Dracula and Klyotzki Dumplings
Eggless whole wheat banana dates pancake courtesy of Cooking with Smile
How about adding dates in yummy pancake to make it more yummier.TRH Eggless whole wheat banana dates pancake
Drumstick sambar (no coconut) courtesy of Cooking with Smile
I learnt  this method of making sambar from my good friend Sara. When we had guests for lunch, Sara told me to try this and it was highly appreciated by our guest. Ingredients for this is as same as any sambar but only the method differs. You try this and definitely see the change in taste.
TRH Drumstick sambar (no coconut)
Achichuk Bukharian Salad (with Dill) courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
At any Bukharian table, the first course you are served will be a plethora of salads.TRH Achichuk Bukharian Salad
Cheese and Scallions Pie (with Dill) courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
Salads are just salads, no matter how unusual and how creative they are. But here we get into the meat of our family tradition for Shavuos, if you can say that about a dairy pie.
TRH Cheese and Scallions Pie
Original Appetizer (with Dill) courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
I have to tell you that I did not invent this name for it! Had I done that, I would’ve come up with something a bit more – ummm… – original.  But this is the name you find in the menus of all Russian restaurants (Original’naya Zakuska)TRH Original Appetizer
What the Hell is Delicata Squash? courtesy of Real Life of an MSW
Looking at the striped squash, it reminded me of a piece of a holiday cornucopia . I always wonder if those center pieces were really edible. So, now I know. Bon AppetitTRH What the Hell is Delicata Squash.jpeg
Darth Vader cookies!! courtesy of thehappiestpixel
Hey pixels!! I made a 3D printing course a couple of months before. I printed a Darth Vader cookie cutter!! So nice! I love Star Wars, and I thought the idea was brilliant. Now, at least, I’ve had enough time to make this awesome cookies. Awesome for the flavour, and for the shape. You don’t eat Darth Vader food shaped every day…TRH Darth Vader cookies
Murungai Keerai Poriyal / Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry courtesy of Indian kitchen
Drumstick leaves / Murungai Keerai have been a part of Indian cuisine for a long time. These leaves may be considered as a king of all greens due to its numerous health benefits. During my childhood days, we used to have drumstick tree at our backyard from which we pluck leaves, drumstick and its flowers. My mom prepares poriyal, sambar and many other recipes with it which are packed with fresh flavour. Each and every part of the tree is beneficial.TRH Murungai Keerai Poriyal Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry
My Duchess Potatoes courtesy of Lin’s LittleBites TRH My Duchess Potatoes
Chicken Dosa courtesy of Lin’s LittleBites

YouTube video

TRH Chicken Dosa
Dum Biryani using Paneer courtesy of Lin’s LittleBites
YouTube video

TRJ Dum Biryani using Paneer
Dock leaves and Dolmas courtesy of Retired? No one told me!
Where do you get your  inspiration for posts from?  I read and always look for the unknown or little known when I am out and about on my travels …I love nothing more than a recipe which gives me more.
TRH dolmas
Red Duck Curry (Kaeng Ped Pett Yang) courtesy of Retired? No one told me!
One of my favorite curries and one which I don’t have very often…why? Not sure really..I probably save it for special occasions.
TRH Red Duck Curry
Devilish Chocolate Rum Log courtesy of Foodzesty
Hello! Hello!  This is a favorite dessert of mine.  To all the Chocolate Lovers out there!  🙂
TRH Devilish Chocolate Rum Log
Easy Chicken and Dumplings courtesy of My Favorite Recipes
Have you ever had a day where nothing went as planned and you needed to have dinner on the table in an hour but you haven’t gone shopping?  This “Easy Chicken and Dumplings Recipe” will save the day.
TRH Easy Chicken and Dumplings
Es’s Maple Syrup and Garlic Glazed Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs courtesy of The Recipe HunterTRH Es_s Maple Syrup and Garlic Glazed Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs3
Feriel’s Medjool Dates Delight courtesy of The Recipe Hunter
TRH Feriel's Medjool Dates Delight
Rashida’s Soft and Fluffy Yeast Doughnuts courtesy of The Recipe HunterTRH Rashida's Soft and Fluffy Yeast Doughnuts
Hannah’s Danish Herring courtesy of The Recipe Hunter
TRH Hannah's Danish Herring
Carla’s Dark Hot Chocolate courtesy of The Recipe Hunter
TRH Carla's Dark Hot Chocolate

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  • Just believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Do not give up on your hopes. Take care always.


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  2. All of these sound delicious but I think that the dates delight and the cheesecake are calling my name in particular! <3

    • Love you “D”arth Vader cookies. Thanks for sharing with your followers.
      Let’s see if we can double up the entries for next month by having your followers also participating. That will be awesome. 😍😍

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