Melanie’s Curried Cabbage and Potato

Melanie's Curried Cabbage and Potato
Still entertaining my son and his vegetarian lifestyle, I chose to adapt Eshana Suleman’s Braised White Cabbage and Potato just a tad by adding some masala spices. It was very nice but I think I cooked it too long. I hope he doesn’t turn me into a Vegetarian ☺️

3 cups of chopped cabbage
1 large potato (peeled and cut into 2 – 3cm cubes)
1 medium onion (finely sliced)
3 – 4 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 teaspoon whole mustard seeds
½ teaspoon whole jeera seeds
¼ teaspoon methi seeds
½ tsp dhania jeero powder
1 tsp Rajah mild and Spicy curry powder
1 tsp white powder
3 green chillies (slit) (I omitted)
3 fresh red chillies (slit) or 4 – 5 dry chillies (split)
3 cloves garlic crushed
1 teaspoon sugar
Cooking oil
Fine salt to taste
Chopped dhania
Curry leaves

Braise onion until softened.
Add crushed garlic and the whole seeds.
Fry 1 – 2 minutes.
Add curry leaves and chilies, Dhania jeero powder and curry powder. Stir 2 minutes. Add chopped cabbage, salt, pepper, sugar and potato cubes.
Simmer until water evaporated, cabbage cooked and potatoes done.
Allow to ‘fry’ until catching at the bottom of the pot.
Garnish with greens.
Serve with rice, roti or puri.

Origin of recipe : Eshana Suleman
Prepared, tried and tested by Melanie Kramar 

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