Millet in Chinese style with boiled chickpea

Millet in Chinese style with boiled chickpeas

A 100% vegan meal

Millet is a small sized grain.
Just soak in water for 2 hrs.
Pressure cook like rice.
Chop 1 big onion, 1 each colored bell peppers, spring onions.
Keep a cup of boiled chickpeas ready.
In a flat pan add 2 teaspoons of flax seed olive oil.
Heat it, then add onion pieces,
Add 1 tablespoon each, apple cider vinegar, red chilly sauce, tomato ketchup, balsamic vinegar
Stir over a low flame.
Add colored bell peppers
Stir, add rock salt & black pepper.
Add boiled chickpeas & cooked millet.
Stir over a low flame
Garnish with spring onions.
A guilt-free wholesome meal for dinner time.
Super healthy grain.
Millet in Chinese style with boiled chickpeas.
100% vegan meal.
Cooked in just 2 teaspoons of flax seed olive oil. 
My own discovery 💖
Millet is beneficial for the heart, Prevents Diabetes, Lower the risk of cancer, Detoxify the body, Boost immune system, Improves muscle & nerve health.

Prepared, tried and tested Moumita Sriram

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