Moumita's Fresh Gooseberry (Amla) & Lemon Juice Drink

Fresh Gooseberry (Amla) & Lemon Juice Drink
Amla literally means “sour”; it is the Hindi word for a fruit tree (Emblica officinalis or Phyllanthus emblica) that grows throughout India and bears sour-tasting gooseberry-like fruits. Amla is also known by the Sanskrit name “Amalaki.”
Boosts immunity.
Improves respiratory system.
Prevents cancer.
Improves heart health.
Controls diabetes.
Prevents aging.
Lowers cholesterol levels.
Aids in digestion.
Good for skin, hair.
My kitchen is my beauty salon.
Create yours, it’s cheaper & best for the health.
1 gooseberry.
Cut into small pieces.
Extract the juice in mixer.
1 medium sized lemon juice.
Mix regular water.
Enjoy it on an empty stomach in the morning
Prepared, tried and tested Moumita Sriram
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