Nazley's Creamy Eggplant, Sweetcorn and Chicken Soup

Used the baby eggplants that grew in a friends garden.
2 baby onions chopped finely.
1 Tblsp butter.
1 tsp whole cumin seeds.
5 curry leaves.
5 baby eggplants cut in cubes.
1/4 cup diced green and yellow peppers.
Salt and fine white pepper.
1 can sweetcorn.
Crushed black pepper.
1 big can coconut milk.
1 cup milk.
2 chicken breasts cut in cubes.
Fresh coriander.
Braise onion, cumin seeds and curry leaves in butter. Till soft.
Add the peppers and eggplant. Allow to cook till soft. Do not add water.
Once it is soft add salt and white pepper. Add the cubed chicken. Cook till done.
Mix the milk, coconut milk, sweetcorn and crushed black pepper.
Add this to the chicken mixture once cooked well.
Allow to boil, it must not be watery or too thick.
Once it has a good boil , remove from the heat and add the fresh coriander.
Serve warm and enjoy.
This dish one can add 1 cup of pasta as well. It’s an option.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Nazley Ally