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Nazley's French Food Terminology List

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Abricot – Apricot
Acajou – Cashew
Ail – Garlic
Amande – Almond
Ananas – Pineapple
Anchois – Anchovies
Aneth – Dill
Arachide – Peanut
Artichaut – Artichoke
Asperge – Asparagus
Aubergine – Aubergine, eggplant
Avocat – Avocado
Babeurre – Buttermilk
Banane – Banana
Basilic – Basil
Baudroie – Monkfish
Beurre – Butter
Brugnon – Nectarine
Cacahouète – Peanut
Calamar – Squid
Cannelle – Cinnamon
Câpre – Caper
Cassis – Blackcurrants
Cerf – Venison
Cerise – Cherry
Champignon – Mushroom
Choux- Cabbage
Choucroute – Sauerkraut
Chou-fleur – Cauliflower
Ciboule – Spring onion; Welsh onion
Citron – Lemon
Citron vert – Lime
Citronelle – Lemon grass
Citrouille – Pumpkin
Coing – Quince
Concombre – Cucumber
Confiture – Jam
Coquille St Jacques – Scallop
Coriandre – Coriander, cilantro
Courgette – Zucchini
Couronne – Ring shaped loaf of bread
Datte – Date
Écrivisse – crayfish
Épice – Spice
Estragon – Tarragon
Farine – Flour
Favouille – Crab
Fenouil – Fennel
Fève – Broad bean
Fraises – Strawberries
Framboise – Raspberry
Fromage – Cheese
Gateau – Cake
Gingembre – Ginger
Gousse d’ail – Garlic clove
Grenade – Pomegranate
Groseille – Gooseberry
Haricot blanc – White bean
Haricot rouge – Kidney bean
Haricot vert – French green bean
Homard – Lobster
Homard épineux – Crayfish
Huile d’ olive – Olive oil
Huître – Oyster
Jaune d’ oeuf – Egg yolk
Kaki – Persimmon
Llait – Milk
Laitue – Lettuce
Lentilles – Lentils
Litchi – Lychee
Loubine – Sea Bass
Macaron – Macaroon,
Mangue – Mango
Maïs – Corn
Mandarine – Mandarin
Mange-tout – Snow peas
Maquereau – Mackerel
Marrons – Chestnuts
Menthe – Mint
Miel – Honey
Moutarde – Mustard
Myrtille – Blueberries
Navet – Turnip
Noisette – Hazelnut
Noix – Walnut
Oeufs – Eggs
Oignon – Onion
Orge – Barley
Origan – Oregano
Pain – Bread
Palourde – Clam
Pamplemousse – Grapefruit
Pâtes – Pasta
Pêche – Peach
Persil – Parsley
Pieuvre – Octopus
Piment – Pepper (vegetable)
Pommes de Terre – Potatoes
Pommes Rouges – Red apples
Poire – Pear
Poireau – Leek
Poivre – Pepper (spice)
Prune – Plum
Pruneau – Prune
Radis – Radish
Raisin – Grape
Riz – Rice
Romarin – Rosemary
Sarrasin – Buckwheat
Saucisse/ saucisson – Sausage
Sauge – Sage
Saumon – Salmon
Seigle – Rye
Sel – Salt
Sucre – Sugar
Thym – Thyme
Tomate – Tomato
Truffe – Truffle
Truite – Trout
Vanille – Vanilla
Veau – Veal
Viande – Meat
Vinaigre – Vinegar
Yaourt – Yogurt
Submitted by:  Nazley Ally

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