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Nazley's Italian Food Terminology List

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Aceto balsamico – balsamic vinegar
Agnello – lamb
Agnolotti – ravioli
Agrumi – citrus fruits
Alloro – – (foglia di) bay leaf
Ananas – pineapple
Anguria – watermelon
Arancia – orange (the fruit)
Armelin – apricot
Asparagi – asparagus
Barbabietola – beets
Basilico – basil
Bavette, Bavettine – pasta similar to Linguine
Bietola – Swiss chard
Biscotti – generic term for cookies
Brodo -broth
Bucatini – long thick spaghetti with a small hole
Bue – beef
Burro – butter
Camomilla – chamomile, chamomile tea
Canarini – small artichokes (Venice)
Canditi – candied fruit
Cannella – cinnamon
Capperi – capers
Cappesante, Capasante – scallops
Capra – goat
Carne – meat
Carote – carrots
Caviale – caviar
Brusselle – Brussels sprouts
Ceci – chickpeas
Cervo – venison
Champignon – cultivated button mushroom
Ciliege – cherries
Cipolla – onion
Cocco, noce di cocco – coconut
Dindo – turkey
Dragoncello – tarragon
Farina – flour
Figa’ – liver
Finocchio – fennel
Formaggio – cheese
Fragole – strawberries
Gambero – shrimp
Granchio – crab
Grano – grain; wheat
Granoturco – sweet corn
Lamponi – raspberries
Lardo – cured pork fat
Latte fritto – fried custard dessert
Lauro – bay leaf
Lenticchie – lentils
Limone – lemon
Lupo di mare – lobster
Maccarello – mackerel
Macinato – ground; minced
Maiale – pork
Mais – corn
Manzo – beef
Maracuja – passion fruit
Mazzancolla – large Mediterranean shrimp
Mela – apple
Melagrana – pomegranate
Melanzane – eggplant
Menta – mint
Merluzzo – fresh cod ( as opposed to Baccala’)
Miele – honey
More – blackberries
Moscato – noce – nutmeg
Robiola – creamy, rich white cheese
Rosmarino – rosemary
Rotini – wheel-shaped pasta
Sale – salt
Salvia – sage ( herb)
Sarda – sardine
Scalogna, scalogno – shallot
Segale – rye
Sogliola – sole
Soppressa – a Veneto sausage
Spezie – spices
Spigola – sea bass
Spinaci – (pl.) spinach
Storione – leek
Timo – thyme
Tonno – tuna
Totano – squid
Triglia – pl. triglie – red mullet
Trota – trout
Uva spina – gooseberry
Uvetta – raisins
Vaniglia – vanilla
Verza – savoy cabbage
Vitella, vitello – veal
Vongole – clams
Zafferano – saffron
Zenzero – ginger; red pepper
Zucca – pumpkin
Zucchero – sugar
Zucchine, zucchini
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