Nazley's Portuguese & Butter pan seared chicken, Squash Mash, Crushed butter potatoes and steamed vegetables

Ingredients and Method:
1 baby Table Queen Squash, steamed, scoop out the middle and mash well.
10 baby potatoes peeled, steamed.
Add 2 Tblsp butter and crush gently.
Sprinkle with Robertson Roast Potato Seasoning.
2 chicken breasts washed and dried well.
Sprinkle with Robertsons Portugues Chicken spice.
Heat a pan and add 2 Tblsp butter and sear the chicken in the butter.
Serve with the Squash mash, crushed potatoes and steamed vegetables of choice.
This was a very simple dish, light, easy, quick and healthy. And of course yummylicious.
Time: 30 minutes
Inspired by: Healthy cooking.
Cooking can be very simple made into a fancy dish.
Serves 2.
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Nazley Ally