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Nazley's Toasted Cheese Snackwhich

By: | January 22, 2017 | Tags: | 6 comments

Simple ingredients can make a wonderful, tasty brunch after a fun evening out with the girls.

Brown bread (bread of choice).
Salt and pepper.
Grated gouda cheese.
Sliced Tomato.
Sliced baby onion.
Chopped green pepper.
Assemble as follows:
Bread, cheese, tomato, greenpepper,onion, salt and pepper and top with cheese.
Heat a pan and add butter. Allow to heat up well, add the bread, allow to brown before turning. Same process for the other side.
Serve warm. With tea or coffee.
Inspired by: Es Slabsβ€Ž
Prepared, tried and tested and Recipe by : Nazley Allyβ€Ž

  1. oooooo looks yummy!
    Sigh got nothing interesting to eat now, just a coffee πŸ˜›

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