Out with the old, and In with the New …

I wish to take this opportunity to extend a HUGE and BIG heartfelt
thank-you to each and every participant for your wonderful and awesome recipes in the OLD “Sharing is Caring” program.
We received a whopping 117gueset post in 6 months, from fellow Bloggers who participated in this Recipe Exchange event.
Today’s recipe marks the end of this OLD  “Sharing is Caring” program, but as you all know we have a NEW PROGRAM going and already released the first compilation/post on December 13th, December 2016: Share and Inspire Others! Entries
Please visit and check out the NEW MONTHLY  Share and Inspire Others! program, and I hope to see many of you participate in this share-and-inspire event.
trh-happy-blogging Happy Blogging – The Recipe Hunter

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