Paptert tt

I’ve never made a “paptert” before, and honestly didn’t even know what you’re supposed to put in the layers! So I made it up…

Bottom layer:
Stir fried a leek, an onion, beef strips, and kale with BBQ sauce.
Then a layer of pap made in beef stock

Then a sauce layer:
Can of chopped tomatoes and about a cup of chopped mushrooms. Flavored with soy sauce and thickened with a store-bought packet of gravy (the powdered stuff). Just a pinch of Italian seasoning added.
Then another layer of pap, topped with a bit of finely chopped garlic and then some smoked cheddar.
All baked together until the cheese is melted and it’s all warmed through.

It was delicious!

Source:  Corlea Smit