Potpourri flavors dinner for two

This dinner is a potpourri of different flavors and textures and travels the world from Greece to China to France and India.
But everything combines perfectly well for excellent taste, flavors and textures.


Four small lamb chops.
Four small bok choy, a Chinese vegetable, each cut in half
Frozen French fries.
Three cloves of garlic minced, enough for three tablespoons.
Four thin slices of fresh ginger.
One teaspoon of hot pepper flakes.
Two cups of beef broth.
Half a cup of Madeira wine, a dessert wine.
Three tablespoons of olive oil.
One tablespoon of canola or avocado oil.
One tablespoon of butter.
Five tablespoons of chutney.
Salt and pepper.


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Sauce for the lamb chops

Place one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon olive oil in a hot frying pan.
Add one tablespoon of the garlic and reduce heat to simmer.
And cook for two to three minutes.
Watch constantly.
You want to make sure the garlic does not burn.
Add one cup of the beef broth and cook for two minutes.
Add half a cup of Madeira wine and cook for an additional four minutes, until the alcohol has evaporated.
By now the sauce should be reduced enough to nicely coat the lamb chops.
Taste and add salt and pepper.

The lamb chops

Put one tablespoon of canola or avocado oil in a hot frying pan, medium-high.
Add your lamb chops and cook how you like them.
For medium-rare, the way most people like them, pan fry for three minutes each side.
Once cooked add your sauce and turn the heat down to simmer.

potpourri of different flavors and textures

The French fries

Bake according to package instructions. Usually, they take about 20 minutes at 425 degrees.
Be sure to turn them over, halfway through the baking process.

The Bok Choy

Heat up a frying pan on medium-high heat and then add the two tablespoons of olive oil.
Add your one teaspoon of hot pepper flakes, two tablespoons of garlic and your four slices of thin ginger.
Add your Bok choy and cook for about three minutes on each side.
Try to make sure that the Bok choy at the thick end is a bit browned.

Then add your one cup of beef stock and let simmer for two more minutes.
Finally, add your chutney.

Presto, you are ready to plate your Potpourri flavors and have the best ever dinner for two
Easy and delish.

Prepared, tried and tested 


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