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Preshana's Mango Pickle

By: | March 2, 2017 | | 6 comments

6-8 green mangoes
1/4 cup oil
4 cloves garlic
curry leaves
2 heaped Tbspn pickle masala
Slice mangoes and mix with a tbspn salt, set aside overnight
Remove mangoes and allow to dry on kitchen towel for a few hours
Heat oil add garlic, curry leaves and pickle masala to medium hot oil.Allow to sizzle for a few minutes and remove from heat
Once the pickle masala mixture cools down completely add to mangoes
Place mango pickle in a jar and allow to soak for a few days before eating.Ensure that mangoes are coated with oil.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Preshana Singh
The mango pickle after one week of being preserved
TRH Mango Pickle

  1. Esme,
    I love hot and spicy mango pickle and this recipe sounds so easy. No vinegar or any preservative ?

    • I will post your comment and ask Preshana to respond and let you know asap.

    • See Preshana’s comment on your question.
      Salt is one of the preservatives, as the mangoes are soaked overnight in it.The other preservative is oil.Once the oil and masala mixture are cooled down its poured over mangoes.As mentioned in the recipe when the pickle is placed in a jar make sure the mangoes are covered in oil, as this prevents the mangoes turning sour and mould forming

    • Hi Susie – Preshana provided us with another picture, which I uploaded of
      the mango pickle after one week of being preserved. Hope you like it.

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