Pulled Lamb Pie

Pulled lamb pie

What is more comforting than a big hearty meat pie?

1½ medium onions
2kg leg of lamb (deboned)
1 large heaped tbs minced garlic
VOO (Virgin Olive Oil)
10 large brown mushrooms
170g baby carrots
1 liter boiling water
300ml good quality red wine
150ml port

Freshly ground coriander
BBQ Spices
12 cloves

Cut onions into medium size chunks
Fry until shiny in a large pot.
Add the garlic, fry until fragrant, scoop out and set aside.
Cut the meat up into large pieces, fry in batches.
Add ½ of the onion/garlic mix and all the meat back into the pot.
Add water, red wine, and port and cook for ± 3 hours on low-medium heat.
The meat should be soft and tender and you should be able to pull it apart with a fork.
Slice mushrooms and set aside.
Cut carrots into cubes and add to the pot and cook until semi-soft – not mushy soft.
Add the other ½ of the onion/garlic, all the mushrooms and if needed additional spice (to your taste).
Cook for another ½-1 hour.
If you run low on liquid, add a bit additional water, but be cautious not to overdo it.
It should not be watery.  You can use some cornstarch (Maiziena) to thicken it if needed.

In the meantime, prepare Mashed Potatoes.

3 large potatoes

Cook the potatoes until soft and prepare the mash.
Add salt to taste, butter, and milk to get a good soft consistency.

Scoop the meat into a large 13 x 9 2 x 2.5-inch dish.
Top with the mashed potatoes.
Paint with egg wash.
Draw criss-cross patterns with a fork on the potatoes.
Return to the oven and heat through, and also grill the potato top until slightly brown.

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