Quick and Easy Shawarma

Quick and Easy Shawarmas

Plain and simple but oh so yummy.

Shawarma night tonight. Plain and simple but oh so yummy.

500g Shawarma meat (bought at my Kosher butcher) – special spice all included to add in (quantity for about 4)
Za’Atar spice
Any other spice you may like to add

Put about a tablespoon of oil in a pan.
When heated, add meat and cook until just lightly browned.
Add spices and mix well.
Let simmer on very low heat till nicely cooked.

Israeli/Mediterranean Salad

This can and does depend on what you enjoy in your salad ie: my husband loves onion, I don’t – onions on the side. So my take of this is ONLY what we enjoy in the salad and then the FEW options that can be put in (not by me but generally)

All salad ingredients are to be diced very finely
Tomatoes- I use and like Israeli tomatoes from Woolworths as they are firm and easy to dice – very tasty
English cucumber
Lettuce – I just use crisp or butter lettuce and cut it very very finely – thin threads
Onions – white and red

Options to add in:
Hummus, Techima, Pickles, Potato fries sliced in circles (I had that in Israel), eggplant, pickled cucumber and generally, whatever you feel like.
Also different salads like pickled cabbage, beetroot and anything that will go and make it interesting

I buy my pitta from either Woolworths or Anat (prefer them). Wherever available is perfect and even if you know how to make them, even better.
Cut a very small slice off the top enabling you to get inside and then start with your spreads and then add your meat and salads alternatively all the way to the top.


THIS TRULY IS A “do whatever you want”

Prepared, tried and tested Hannah Frank Witt

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