Roasted Butternut soup

This is the best butternut soup I’ve ever tasted!

1 butternut cut into cubes.
Add in oven roast dish and sprinkle with Robertson Aromatic roast potato spice.
Drizzle with oil and roast until soft, plus minus 30 min at 180C

Braise 1 red onion & spring onion in oil.
Add chopped celery sticks, 1 grated carrot, and 1 deseeded red chili.
Add seasoned sea salt, pure black pepper & 1 teaspoon Osman Taj Mahal roasted coriander.

Add roasted butternut to onion mixture.
Add half milk and half water and blend with stick blender until to a creamy soup texture.
Garnish with chopped spring onions

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday