Rosh Hashanah Chopped Herring

Rosh Hashanah Chopped Herring is synonymous with Jewish food and perfect for Rosh Hashana and all the Jewish Holidays.
1kg salted herrings
1/2 packet Marie biscuits
6 hard-boiled eggs (2 for top decoration)
3 Granny Smith apples
2-3 onions (depending on size)
Vinegar, salt, and white pepper, sugar
1-2 slices bread – brown or white


Rosh Hashanah Chopped Herring

Boil eggs, let cool completely (can be done the night before and placed in Tupperware and refrigerated.
Herrings must be defrosted – I tried (Hannah) once with the slightly frozen but was easier to cut and mince, defrosted)
Set up mincer, peel and core apples and peel and cut onions into cubes (to fit easily into mincer)
Start with placing herrings in mincer and alternate with apples, onions, eggs, and biscuits.
In the end, run a slice or 2 of bread through the mincer – this not only binds the chopped herring a bit but cleans out the mincer from the herrings
Mix well and combine all together and add “some” vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar
This now becomes your personal taste and a “little bit of this and a bit of that”.
It should have the vinegar taste but not too tart. If so, put in more sugar.
Your chopped herring should not be watery – if it is, add more Marie biscuits
Place in refrigerator and just before guests arrive, plate and take approximately 2 of your hard-boiled eggs to decorate.

Prepared, tried and tested by Hannah Frank Witt‎ 


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