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Sandy's Upside Down Red Velvet Cake Fruit Berry Trifle

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TRH Sandy's Upside Down Red Velvet Cake Fruit Berry Trifle
With Easter approaching, just 4 days away to Good Friday, it’s a long weekend and many will spend family time.
Here is my upside down Red Velvet cake fruit berry trifle that I had made for Christmas 2016 and would like to share with you.
1 large plain red velvet cake (without icing) use your favourite red velvet cake recipe or store bought
2 x berry or strawberries flavoured jelly
Hot & Cold water to dissolve jelly as per package instructions
Fresh fruits such as strawberries, red grapes and red berries if available, washed
Non stick cooking spray
A large jelly mould (I used Tupperware mould)
Sugar for coating balance of fruit
Basting brush
Quarter cup Apple juice to baste red velvet cake
Make jelly as per package instructions and let it stand to cool completely at room temperature.
Spray non stick cooking spray on jelly mould to allow easy unmoulding later.
Firstly, cut strawberries in half retain their stems, leaves make a beautiful colour contrast to the redness, arrange around the walls of the mould where the uncut strawberry is facing the walls of the mould, visualise when you placing fruit of how it’s going to look when unmoulded.
It’s a form of ART, alternating with the rest of the fruits. Reserve some fruits for the final toppings.
Secondly, baste cut slices of medium thick red velvet cake with Apple juice using your basting brush and arrange against the fruit layer.
Pressing it gently without breaking cake.
Thirdly, pour your cool jelly mix over the cake and fruit layer covering the entire mould.
Refrigerate overnight until the mould is set.
Next day unmould your berry trifle.
You will get an upside down mould.
Where your fruit is on the top and your cake base is at the bottom.
For plating, roll the balance of the left over fruits in sugar.
It makes a stunning centre piece to your table.
Serve with any custard (even store-bought as well) and heavy thick whipped cream.
ENJOY, safe travelling and HAPPY EASTER!!
Prepared, tried and tested by: Sandy Harrod

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