Sean's Keto Beef Curry

Easy beef curry
With the temperatures hitting -18C tonight I decided on a quick and easy Keto curry.
Keto friendly Easy (mild or hot) beef curry

1 Onion (I prefer red as they seem sweeter to me, as they are an excellent prebiotic in keto)
1 Tblsp ( more depending on taste and spice requirement) store-bought curry powder.
2 Tbls Thai garlic and chili mixture (just mix a ½ teaspoon or to taste red chili powder and 2 teaspoons dried garlic powder to make your own)
½ kilo or so Beef cubes or braising meat cut into strips or cubes
600ml bone broth (homemade preferred or boxed store-bought, or simply mix up a Tblsp of beef Bouillon/stock paste into a liquid)
Mixed frozen veg if you want extra texture (Note it ups the carb count so be aware if you are starting out or are super keto aware just skip them).
Alternatives are broccoli and asparagus and the red/yellow/green pepper. As they should be fresh add them just before serving to maintain crisp.
Chop onion and fry until translucent in a bit of keto fat (beef tallow I had). Add Thai spice and curry powder to fry up for about a min. Remove to a dish on the side. Fry up beef pieces till golden brown, in small batches to prevent ‘boiling’ the meat. Add the batches to the bowl of onion/curry mixture.
When done with browning the meat, add the lot back into the pot/pan adding the bone broth.
Bring to a simmer and add frozen vegetables.
Simmer to reduce the liquid a little (about 5 min).
Thicken the liquid with ½ teaspoon of psyllium husks sprinkled in.
Simmer a bit till the liquid just thickens.
Serve over Cauli rice.
I mix a ½ cup of hemp hearts into the cauliRice to add a nutty texture.
Enough for 4 servings.
Prepared, tried and tested by Sean Swart
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