Selvie's Fresh Cream Burfee

TRH Selvie's Fresh cream Burfee
Combine 500g klim with 155g nestle cream and rub well.
Blend in coffee grinder or food processor until fine.
Sieve well and add 2 cups icing sugar,
1tsp elachi powder and set aside.
In a pot put 2 cups sugar with 1 cup milk and boil for 10mins until thick.
Then add 4 cups fresh cream and allow to boil for about ½ hour on medium heat until thick.
Then add 125g butter
Once melted add dry ingredients and mix.
Remove from stove and mix well for 15 mins.
The mixing for 15 mins makes the smooth texture.
Pour into moulds or casserole and allow two set.
Once set decorate as desired.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Selvie Moodley
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