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SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: August 6 – 10, 2018

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I truly hope that you will enjoy this Senior Salon Roundup: August 6 – 10, 2018 posts shared by our fellow Bloggers


“It does not matter how slowly you go
as long as you do not stop.”

Welcome to our weekly Roundup at the Senior Salon.  Please, we do need your support and help to grow, so may I respectfully ask that you share this post will your fellow bloggers and invite them to also come and share their posts here at the Senior Salon. 

We have gained some new bloggers that shared a post for the first time here at Senior Salon August 6 – 10, 2018, welcome to you all!!


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I trust and hope that you will visit, read and enjoy these silver posts

Posts shared at SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: August 6 – 10, 2018

  1. Two Reviews for Sunday shared by Stevie
  2. Tale Weaver #182 – Strange Things in My Neighbourhood – August 2nd. – Miss Marble’s Ruby shared by Michael
  3. Authors and Their Pets shared by Darlene
  4. 7 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog shared by Hugh

  5. Something Happened shared by Gizzylaw

  6. Thai Cooking…Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Salty and Bitter… shared by Carol

  7. Little Richard with Jimi Hendrix & Billy Preston – I Don’t Know What You Got But Its Got Me shared by Thom

  8. Guest of Hugh Roberts, 49 Days In 1988: Week 30 – The Future Past shared by Darlene
  9. Lemonade? No Way! shared by Debbie

  10. After the Lovin’- Five things a Narcissist will do after a Breakup shared by Robert

  11. HORSE MEAT FOR LUNCH shared by Billy

  12. Summer Passport shared by Eugenia


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4 thoughts on “SENIOR SALON ROUNDUP: August 6 – 10, 2018”

  1. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop!

    That sums up my year Esmé. I’ve seen this Senior Salon call to action many times, but not engaged here…yet. You’re doing a really good job of cross promoting people too. X

    • Gary, thank you for your kind words, but just kerp going! When you can, I am sure you will get to sharing at the Senior Salon. Doors open Monday 2am to Friday 8pm PDT, Hope to see you there soon my friend.


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