Senior Salon Roundup Post: April 16 – 20, 2018

SS Coyotes

A roundup of posts left during April 16 – 20, 2018 Linkup at the Senior Salon.  I will share a weekly roundup after the closure of each session of all posts and provide a pingback to your blog. 

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I trust and hope that you enjoyed these silver posts as much as I do.

  1. The View from my Window shared by Stevie
  3. The Kinks, The Pretenders (and more!): Stop Your Sobbing shared by Thom
  4. A Challenge: “The Light.” shared by Mr. M
  5. A Man Blogs, Aged 64 and a Half shared by Clive
  6. Tale Weaver – #166 – A Cold and Foggy Night – The Fog Fairy shared by Michael
  7. The Real Neat Blog Award shared by Darlene
  8. Fudgy Brownies… shared by Lorelle
  9. Day: May 21, 2016 shared by Bernadette
  10. Tuesday Chatter Weekly shared by Eugenia
  11. True life story- Balance due shared by Lynz
  12. BLOG THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS (#BTC4A) shared by Crystal
  13. Why I Blog shared by Mr. M
  14. EARTH DAY 2018 shared by Janet
  15. My Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness Salon Review shared by Thelma
  16. My Photo Week in Review 4-8-18 shared by Susan
  17. WASHING YOUR FACE shared by Crystal

Thanks for your continued support and sharing of your wonderful posts. 

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