Shane's Chicken pie, soup and bread pudding 

TRH Shane's Chicken pie, soup and bread pudding 
Chicken fillets cut into cubes
Mushrooms slice
Frozen peas
Saute onion in butter and olive oil.
Cut chicken breast into cubes and add to onions.
Once chicken is half-cooked add mushrooms and peas, simmer and add 1Tsp of cornflour and stir into chicken mixture
Add quarter cup of milk and simmer.
Add salt and coarse black pepper to taste
Roll out ready dough and add filling and bake
Bread pudding
Butter 4slices of bread on both sides and sprinkle with cinnamon and cut bread into triangles
In a blender add 1lt milk
2Tsp custard and 2eggs
1Tsp of jam and brown sugar to taste.
Place cut up bread into a dish.
Add some stick cinnamon and cardamom.
Pour milk mixture over and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and bake in oven until done.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Shane’ Toll
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