So I decided to make the humble Spicy Beef Rissoles

So I decided to make the humble Spicy Beef Rissoles

(or Frikkadel that I was raised on) with just some garlic mushrooms when I saw this lonely bowl of leftover cauliflower cheese bake. Last time I made pumpkin fritters with leftover pumpkin so I decided to use the cauli and cheese to make, well cauliflower and cheese ‘sauce’ to have with the mushrooms and Frikkadels. Yummos!

750gr beef/lamb mince
1 tsp of Aromat
Salt and white pepper
level tsp each coriander and cumin powder
1 heaped tsp red chili paste
1 tsp garlic/ginger paste
½ tsp dry red chilies (more if you want)
1 tbsp BBQ spice
3 tbsp chopped, coriander, thyme and parsley (mint as well if you have)
4 tbsp buttermilk (was also doing nothing in the fridge 😊) so it’s optional – but… milk good too
1 egg
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
1 handful breadcrumbs

Mix the mince with all the dry ingredients.
Mix in herbs and pastes and chilies.
Mix egg and buttermilk and splash of Worcestershire sauce.
Add to mince with breadcrumbs.
Mix with hand and try not to overmix (preferably use one hand only)
Shape and set aside for about 20 minutes.
Fry in about 2-3 tbsp oil on low heat until golden brown.
I prefer to cover with a lid after 1 minute and before turning.

Mushrooms in Cauliflower Cheese Sauce
1 tray of sliced mushroom,
1 ½ cups leftover cauliflower cheese bake (remove crispy baked cheese bits)
1 crushed garlic cloves
2 tbsp butter
250 ml cream
Splash of boiling water
Salt and pepper
½ tsp Portuguese spice
¼ tsp Vegeta (Aromat)

Add the cauliflower and cheese to a blender.
Add the splash of boiling water and blitz to loosen up and break up any cauliflower particles.
Then add the cream until you get a smooth consistency.
Do not blitz on high or else your cream will thicken and you’re not busy icing a cake! 😊
Fry the mushrooms in butter until it softens and releases its own water.
Add seasoning and mix through.
Add your cauliflower and cream sauce.
And heat through.

Prepared, tried and tested Melanie Kramar‎ 

So I decided to make the humble Spicy Beef Rissoles, will you also try it?

Frikkadel / Beef Rissoles