Steak Pasta Stir-fry

Steak Pasta Stirfry

A quick and easy meal for all to enjoy!

500g cooked steak (I cooked mine in a pressure cooker)
500g screw pasta and 250 tricolor screw pasta
Cook in salt water drain and set aside.

1 red onions and spring onions chopped
Steak and chops seasoning
salt and black pepper
4 cloves grated garlic
baby marrows
punnet sliced mushrooms
green peppers
Julienne carrots strips
2 tablespoons superior dark soya sauce

Braise onions and spring onions in oil.
Add baby marrows, cooked steak, carrots, garlic, mushrooms and green peppers.
Stir-fry until carrots and baby marrow is soft.
Add seasoning and soya sauce.
Add pasta and stirfry veggies in a pot.
Add another tablespoon soya sauce over pasta.
Mix well and simmer until pasta is heated.
Serve with tossed up salads.

‚ėÜ chicken can also be used as a substitute.ūüĆ≥ūüćĄūüćĖūüćÖūüćÉ

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday

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