Vanilla Cupcakes

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You have to try these, it’s the softest quickest and easiest Vanilla Cupcakes you will ever bake and it’s super delicious and yummy as well

125 g (¼ pound) butter OR Stork Bake
3 eggs
¾ cup sugar (200 ml)
½ tsp vanilla essence
1½ cup flour
¾ cup peach syrup of Koo canned peaches syrup OR milk (200 ml)
3 teaspoons Baking powder (15 ml)

Mix butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, flour and peach syrup all at once for 7 mins on high speed.
Lastly, add baking powder and mix on high for 1 min.
Bake at 180 for 15 mins

For a variation:  Add 2 teaspoon cocoa for chocolate cupcakes in the batter

Makes 18 cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes


Basic butter icing
1 cup icing sugar
80 g butter
15 ml cold milk

Beat butter & half the icing together until light & fluffy.
Add milk & remaining icing & beat until creamy and spreadable.
Spread OR pipe butter icing over cupcakes.

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday

Cupcakes for each and every occasion you need and then some more

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