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Vegan GF Chocolate Squares

By: | April 1, 2017 | Tags: | 10 comments

TRH Es's GF Vegan Chocolate Squares
800 g vegan chocolate
4 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 cups GF Brown Rice Crispies Cereal Puffs
350 g Cake Fruit Mix
Melt chocolate in a large bowl in the microwave at 20 second intervals.
Mix with a spatula till all melted
Add oil, cereal, fruit and mix through
Spoon out in a 9″ x 12″ deep baking pan which you lined with parchment.
Smooth the top and place in freezer to 10-15 minutes
Cut into cubes and enjoy.
Quick and easy and only 4 ingredients.
Own creation, prepared, tried and tested by:  Esme Slabs

  1. Wow these look really good! X

  2. This looks very delicious 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment. I am at the moment trying out anything GF and Vegan. If possible also sugar free but this time I opted for Vegan chocolate just to have something sweet for once in a while. It’s super easy to make, and in no time you will have a plenty to much on. Enjoy

      • Thank you, I will try this one. I’m not living vegan, but vegetarian. It is nice to try new recipes.

        • Great love it that you want to make it. Tou can add any fruot or even nuts to the mix, its versatile to do as you please. I mwde this with what I had available.
          I am not vegan either but have vegan family members and I still had vegan chocolate then came up with this idea son now my vegan grandkids can also enjoy this treat with the rest of the family over Easter weekend.

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