Wally's Seasoned Ground Tomatoes

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TRH Wally's Seasoned Ground Tomatoes 3
5 to 10 lbs large slicing tomatoes.
Herbs and Spices: use only dry
Salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, basil, rosemary and coriander both of which are optional because of their pungent characteristics. I only use 1 tray in 4 when seasoned with these.
TRH Wally's Seasoned Ground Tomatoes
Food dehydrator
Food blender
Cutting platter (to contain juices)
Sharp knife
Large bowl, for end pieces and juice. (watch for my tomato sauce recipe when these will be used)
Wash and clean whole tomatoes, place to drain.
Slice 1/4″ off the ends of each tomato and save to bowl.
Slice each of remaining tomatoes into 4 equal slices and place onto the dehydrator trays. The slices may touch but not overlapping.
Starting with the bottom tray, sprinkle moderately, each slice with each of the herbs and spices.
Repeat for each tray until complete.
TRH Wally's Seasoned Ground Tomatoes 2
Drying:- set for FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, 135F
Drying times vary according to dehydrator, mine I run overnight from 8pm to 8am and then check for. If more time is needed, I do whatever is necessary.
Place dried tomatoes in blender, pulse 1st, then low, med, high until fine powder is achieved.
Leave in blender covered for 5 minutes to settle before opening.
Remove and store in re sealable containers.
Shelf life unopened is up to 1 year, tried and tested.
I always make this when I’m ready to make the sauce, usually 25 lbs of tomatoes between the two recipes, enjoy.
Highly concentrated so use in small quantities until you are familiar with this.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Wally Paul

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