Yellowtail Pickled Fish

Yellow Tail Pickled Fish
Pickled Fish is a favorite South African recipe, particularly in the Western Cape where you will ask for “Kaapse Kerrievis”

±1kg yellowtail
Spice with Robertson’s Peri Peri spice, Gorimas seafood masala & salt and fried in shallow oil until done

Slice onions into thin slices
Add to 750 ml white vinegar
Quarter cup water
Add few bay leaves and few peppercorns
One teaspoon Turmeric spice, 1 teaspoon Gorimas seafood masala, 1 teaspoon methi masala and half teaspoon mild chili powder, salt and sugar to taste.
Boil until onions are soft and transparent.
Add 3 teaspoons maizena/cornstarch to little water, smoothen to a paste and add to onions sauce to thicken the sauce

Put fish in a Pyrex dish with a lid and Pour hot onions mixture over fish.

Prepared, tried and tested Feriel Sonday‎ 

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