Zarina's Creamy Tomato Chicken Linguine

Zarina's Creamy Tomato Chicken Linguine
Quick and easy chicken and pasta with tomato cream sauce
Fry 500 grams chopped chicken fillet in some heated olive oil.
Add seasoning as desired, l used Robertson Rustic garlic & herb seasoning with chilli powder.
Fry until nearly cooked.
Add 115 grams of tomato paste with twice that amount of water (230grams).
Stir, add some Ms. Ball’s chutney (need sweet for the tomatoes) & some hot Nandos sauce.
Add 75ml of cream (l prefer orley whip).
Reduce heat & add some fresh dhania.
Serve warm mixed through pasta.
I cooked 500 grams of linguine as directed.
I did not drain the pasta, just dished it into a bowl with a pasta spoon retaining some of the liquids.
It thickens the sauce.
Mix through sauce & enjoy.
Prepared, tried and tested by: Zarina Halday
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